7 Signs That It’s Time For a New Website

By January 22, 2020Marketing Advice
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As a web design agency we’ve seen some amazing websites in our time, as well as some really terrible ones! 

There’s no fixed expiry date for a website, some classic designs really do stand the test of time, however there are a number of indicators that tell you when it’s time for a change.

If you’re debating whether to invest in a new website then take a look below at seven signs that might help make you make your decision:

1) Your Website Doesn’t Reflect Your Business

It’s amazing how quickly your business adapts and changes over time. It might be a change to the products and services you offer or an overhaul of your company branding. 

It’s essential that your website reflects your business in its current state. Not just accurately describing what you do and practical information such as opening times, but also reflecting your company branding.

Imagine you visit a potential client and present yourself as a modern, forward-thinking organisation. They then visit your website and are presented with an old-fashioned website with broken links?

2) Your Website Isn’t Responsive

Whatever device a visitor uses to view your website, they should have the same experience. If they don’t and your page doesn’t resize properly for example, then your website isn’t responsive.

More than 50% of all web traffic now comes from mobile, so it’s so important that your website can respond to any browser on any device.

3) You Have a High Bounce Rate

If you’re looking at Google Analytics and seeing your website has a really high bounce rate then it could be a sign your website is not meeting the needs of your visitors.

There can be many reasons a website has a high bounce rate such as pages that take a long time to load, low quality content or the fact your website isn’t responsive.

It might be a simple fix, such as updating or im

proving your content, but it could also be a sign that your website simply isn’t up to the job.

4) You’re Not Ranking Well

When you take a look at the phrases you want your website to rank for, how do you perform? If you’re not ranking for any of your keywords, then your website needs work.

Take a closer look at your competitors that rank better, what are they doing to improve their rankings?

Working with a web design agency can really help you understand how to climb to that all important first page in Google.

5) It’s Difficult to Navigate

Visitors to your website will decide literally in seconds whether they’re going to commit their time to navigating your site.

If it’s tricky to find the information they need or if pages don’t include the information they expect, then they’ll be off your page and on to your competitor’s site quicker than you imagine.

A great user experience is paramount when developing a new website, to ensure everything is logical, functional and delivers what the visitor expects.

6) You’re Not Showcasing Your Products or Services Effectively

This is probably the thing we see most often. Websites that really don’t show a client’s products or services in the best possible way.

It might be through really poor quality photography, limited written content or poor website functionality.

If you invest serious time in developing and delivering your product or service, then you should do the same when it comes to marketing it.

7) You’ve Stopped Sending Your Link to Clients

One of the clearest signs that you’re ready for a new website though, is that you’ve stopped sharing your URL with clients.

When we’re commissioned to build a new website, we’re amazed at how many are embarrassed to share the link to their old site! Don’t worry though, we love to look at your existing and see all the ways it can be improved.

Here at Enhanced Marketing Group we can create a website that will represent your business in the best possible way. It’ll deliver on speed, functionality and showcase your products and services effectively. 

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